Synopsis - Season 2

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2x01 It's Alive
2x02 The Goodbye Look
2x03 My Name Is Trouble
2x04 Blind Dates
2x05 The Devil You Know
2x06 Never Letting Go
2x07 Surface Tension
2x08 Save the Date
2x09 Picture This
2x10 Touched by an A-ngel
2x11 I Must Confess
2x12 Over My Dead Body
2x13 The First Secret
2x14 Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares
2x15 A Hot Piece of 'A
2x16 Let the Water Hold Me Down
2x17 Blond Leading the Blind
2x18 A Kiss Before Lying
2x19 The Naked Truth
2x20 CTRL:A
2x21 Breaking the Code
2x22 Father Knows Best
2x23 Eye of the Beholder
2x24 If These Dolls Could Talk
2x25 unmAsked

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